• Le Relais des Moines

    Dans un cadre typiquement alsacien, on concocte des plats gourmands pour les amoureux de la bonne chère !

    The restaurant


    What means “Eating Well” ?

    A Benedictine, a Bernardin, a Carthusian and an Augustin, what did they have in common? Those are monks. Congratulations !
    And how they are represented in literature and in painting? Paunchy characters, holding wine bottles, or brandishing fattened chickens, rabbits, partridges or with smiling faces on a cheese box. Contrary to what one might believe, this restaurant is not managed by monks,  but by Odile and Eric who are also a bon viveur. They like good food at no doubt.

    In a typical Alsatian settings, they concoct you dishes with such happiness, as you will return there, as all these people who noted this address in their diary.

    Three dining rooms, each charm are available as well as a terrace where you can admire the beauty of our stones and architecture …

    The menu


    Our Starters

    The Salads...
    The Homemade Snails...
    The Duck Liver...
    Other Entries

    Our Specialities

        • Sauerkraut with 5 different Types of Meat and Potatoes15,50 €
        • Smoked Pork Knuckle with Potatoes and Munster Cheese17,00 €
        • Homemade Hotpot with Salad18,50 €
        • Filet of Salmon with Sauerkraut21,00 €
        • Potatoes Topped with Munster Cheese, Bacon and Salad17,00 €
        • Homemade Meat Pie, Salad15,50 €
        • Homemade Wildgame Meat Pie, Salad15,50 €
        • Rolled of Dough and Meat in Broth, Salad15,00 €
        • Pork Fillet with French Fries and Salad16,00 €

    Our Meats

    The Wild Game of Alsace (according to arrival)
    The Meats

    All Menus

    Menu at 20,00 €
    Menu at 22,00 €
    Menu at 25,00 €
    Menu at 27,00 €
    Children Menu at 11,00 €


    Our Cheeses

          • Munster Cheese with Cumin6,20 €
          • Assortment of 3 Cheese
            & his Fig Confit10,50 €
          • Green Salad4,00 €

    Our Desserts …

    Our Douceurs...
    The Ice Desserts...
    The Ice Cup...
    The sorbets with alcool...



    Price lists(Rates) and Groupes menus apply from 25 persons and only so all the chosen group the same menu. Thank you for your comprehension.

    Menu at 21,00 €
    Menu at 22,00 €
    Menu at 22,00 €
    Menu at 23,00 €
    Menu at 24,00 €
    Menu at 27,00 €
    Menu at 29,00 €


    Notre carte en photos (en cours)

    Nos suggestions en photos …

    La présentation ainsi que les accompagnements des plats peuvent varier en fonction des saisons


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